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​ Our mission is to disrupt the world of boring training.


It’s our job to come up with innovative methods to capture your audience's attention and to explore new ways to make an impact with training - especially focusing on preparing people with the right mindset and skills for the future of work.

Effective training requires a deep understanding of the audience, making something memorable and sparking curiosity - enabling people to be open-minded and make positive movement forward. Learners are much more likely to remember their training session if they have had fun!


Alongside this, we appreciate that the best and most impactful messages come from internal stakeholders. We can support your organisation in designing bespoke Learning and Development interventions that can be facilitated in house and develop your internal learning culture.


How we Can

Help You

Upgrade your training offering with design thinking for career development, strategy and instructional design.

OR do you want to teach Design Thinking? Train-the-trainer  and "intro to..." sessions will prepare you for the world of innovative training.

Complement these with human-centred design coaching or Hackathon-style sessions to help tackle tough problems.

Looking for a hands-on approach to teamwork and training?

Boost teamworking, create team values, increase creativity, innovate - anything you want to achieve can be done through using these awesome bricks!

Add to your coaching sessions with the use of LEGO®. Help your reports overcome their barriers, create goals and better understand their role within the organisation/team.

Research proves that diverse teams make better decisions.

Forget traditional "unconscious bias" trainings and really open up conversations to get to the root causes of D&I issues in your organisation.

Empower your workforce to become activists for inclusion and make an impact on your organisation.

Are you looking for something a little more specific? No problem, let's chat.

Other areas we can help with;

  • Teambuilding and onboarding

  • Boosting creativity and innovation

  • One-to-one design thinking coaching/problem-solving

  • One-to-one LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®  sessions

  • Speaking at your event or conference

... plus many more. Let's grab a coffee and chat.

design thinking & hackathons

Consulting & bespoke training

diversity & inclusion activism

LEGO® Serious Play®


who we are

Maddy woodman

Hi, I'm the Chief Ideas Officer and co-founder of JUICE.

I love being able to make a real impact in organisations by using creative learning and development interventions. I'm an accredited LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator, experienced Design Thinking and Hackathon trainer, and Associate of CIPD.

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jack tame

Hi, I'm the Chief Products Officer and co-founder of JUICE.

I'm passionate about making a difference to organisations by creating bespoke packages that can make a real impact on internal learning cultures. I'm a highly experienced learning & development manager/trainer and project manager, specialising in behavioural and cultural change.

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